Friday, July 10, 2009

No sense crying over spilled... Poop?

Well, my daughter has a new lovely habit. Pooping outside. She doesn't have a diaper on though. Why? you ask. Good question. Because I have her take it off to go in her mini pool. Those swimmer diapers are too expensive to be putting them on her and throwing away every time she wants to go "swimming" (which averages about 10 minutes). So you follow the logic right? right?...

So anyway, where was I?... ah yes, spilled poop. Usually Rhea comes running to me inside and says "Pee! Pee!" Which means poop. So I go out there and pick if up with some napkins throw it away and throughly was our hands. Worked fine. Well today she decided to play with the poop and then decided to come inside and tell me "Pee! Pee!" When I looked at her nasty little hands I was disgusted. I went outside to find poop smeared around... I was about to lose my cool. And then I thought of proverbs 17:27 "a man of understanding has a cool spirit." Understanding what? I think when we realize how silly it is to get upset and "lose our cool" over things like spilled poop, we gain understanding. We must view all things in light of eternity. My poor husband has to put up with my hysteria over silliness too often. I also thought of Psalm 90:12 "Teach us to number our days aright, that we may gain a heart of wisdom." If I would only see the preciousness of each day I would gain a heart of wisdom knowing that life is too short to "lose it" over trivial, fixable things.

So next time the milk spills, a plate breaks, the poop is smeared... keep eternity in mind. Keep your cool and then you shall begin to gain a heart of wisdom and understanding.