Monday, September 5, 2011

Almost a year?!

I cannot believe it has been almost a year since my last post! Again, a lot has happened.
We moved to WA in Dec. of last year (this is our home and church in the picture). We love it here. (But that doesn't mean we don't miss ALL our Ca. friends!) Our church family is such a blessing and we love WA. It is beautiful! We are enjoying the cooler summers too. I have some lovely Christian sisters here that encourage me often. If you want to see some videos of us check out and type in: katie lapierre in the search. You can also check out the church page: or look us up on facebook!

Scott's wonderful parents moved here a few months ago and the foundation for their new home is being laid. It is so nice to have family around. We are with them a lot and so thankful for them!

My dad met a woman that he is very in love with and we are hoping to brainwash them into moving here... permanently! We figure our kids are cute enough to win them over. :)

My sister is pregnant with her second boy and due in mid Dec. It stinks real bad not being near her and I hate that we don't get to share life together. I can't wait to meet my new nephew Brody!

My brother is doing well and about to get his A.A. and we are also trying to get him to move here :)

My kids are growing in many ways. Johnny gave us a real scare at the beginning with his failure to gain weight. All the sudden he just started gaining for no rhyme or reason (maybe all the prayer?!) and is doing very well. He lights up our world with his contagious laugh and smile!

Ricky is going to be three in December! I can't believe it. He has a real tender/sweet side to him and loves imitating his sister. They play together all the time! In fact, they are in their room (they just started sharing one until Johnny is old enough to share one with Ricky) playing right now.

Rhea turned 4 this summer and is one of my closest little friends. I love being her mom. We have many good conversations about the Lord and she really seems to have a heart for Him!

Scott is loving his job as a senior pastor and he is excelling in many ways. It has been really neat as his wife to watch the Lord use him over and over.

We live right next to the church and really enjoy that! It's so nice to just run over there and go back and forth as needed (especially as a mom of three little people).

We are in a great season of life. I am enjoying every minute of it.