Friday, October 30, 2009

What Should We Pray For Our Children?

I found this list of things to pray for our children. I am not sure of the author... There is one for each month to pray earnestly for our little loves.

1. That they will know Christ early in life. Psalm 63:1 and 2 Tim. 3:15

2. That they will HATE sin. Psalm 97:10

3. That they will be caught when guilty. Psalm 119:71

4. That they will be protected from the evil one in each area of their lives. John 17:15

5. That they have a responsible attitude in all their personal relationships. Daniel 6:3

6. That they will respect those in authority over them. Romans 13:1

7. That they will desire the right kind of friends and be protected from the wrong friends. Proverbs 1:10-11, 1 Cor. 15:33

8. That they will be kept from the wrong mate and saved for the right one. 2 Cor. 6:14-17

9. That they, as well as those they marry, will remain pure. 1 Cor. 6:18-20

10.That they will desire to submit to God and resist satan. James 4:7

11. That they will be sold out in their faith and love for Christ. Rom. 12:1-2

12. That they will be hedged in and protected. Hosea 2:6

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Waiting for or Looking Back...

Have you ever noticed that so many (including myself at times) are not happy with their current "season"? We long for what was: college, high school, single days, days before kids etc. or they wait for: college graduation, high school graduation, to be married, to have kids... We are a difficult people to satisfy!

Oh the joys that come with contentment. With taking in and enjoying now. So hard. I believe it takes practice. If we practice discontentment we will become very good at it.

Right now I have a two year old and a 10 month old. I look forward to when they will be potty trained, to when I can communicate with them, to when they will sleep in, to when they will "help out" more... But my fear is that in the process of looking forward is I will miss what is.

Help me Lord, to enjoy today to it's fullest and to forget what is behind! Thank you for my beautiful children. For the sound of babies. For the curiosity of toddlers. What a joy to be a mom living in the present and taking hold of what You have for me TODAY!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Love and Logic

Recent emailing with another mommy led me to remember Love and Logic. Ever heard of it? It is a great program of sorts to help parents and teachers work with children in a calm and efficient manner. My husband used it with teaching and he said it made such a difference! So here is my recommendation to you to check it out! Type in "parenting with love and logic" into google or yahoo and you are sure to find ample info. Or buy the book today at amazon! Let me know what you think.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Another little LaPierre Bun in the Oven!

Well, we found out a couple days ago that I am expecting another little love. Thanking the Lord already that His grace sufficient. I have an appointment on Thursday. Looking forward to meeting this new family addition some time early June.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Home Motivation

Another great post at on HOW TO STAY MOTIVATED AS A HOMEMAKER. I don't know about you but I need motivation for this sometimes. Enjoy!

Click here.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Mom's unplugged

I enjoyed a post on moms watching their time on the internet. One great idea she had was to set a timer. To read the post click here.

hung out to dry...

I love it. Got our clothesline up yesterday (thanks Honey!). It was so fun to go out with the kiddos this morning and hang our clothes out to dry. Something about the labor, the sun, the laughs and knowing that we are saving money and energy makes me enjoy this new pastime. Try it out!

p.s. here is the dictionary's definition of pastime (it suits how I feel quite well): something that serves to make time pass agreeably; a pleasant means of amusement, recreation