Wednesday, July 21, 2010

life's ups and downs

My life has had some serious ups and downs lately. My mother died on Thursday, June 10th very unexpectedly. My son was born exactly a week later on June 17th. One major down and one major up. God has been so faithful and near through it all.
My husband preached a sermon on Sunday called: "Checking Your Walls". You can listen to it by clicking here. It was about making sure you have strong "walls" BEFORE the enemy attacks. Walls for cities in the Old Testament were of utmost importance. Without them you would surely perish. Without them we fall under adversity. We need to be seeking the Lord through His Word, prayer and fellowship during times of peace so that when the storms come we are able to withstand them! The Word says we are MORE than conquerors in Christ. I felt like that in the midst of grieving the loss of my mother. I don't know how people "do life" without the Lord.
John, my new wonderful son pictured above, is doing so good! He will be five weeks tomorrow! He is doing well with scheduling (please don't throw rocks at me) and gets LOTS of attention from his brother and sister. I am adjusting to life as a mom of three little ones, hence the lack of posts lately. I am so blessed. Seriously. My husband treats me like a queen. My kids are adorable and we have so much fun. And most importantly I have a Father who loves me and guides me from day to day.