Saturday, July 25, 2009

The Heart IS the Matter

"Stopping the action does not cure the problem." -Britt Merrick. So true. The heart is the matter. Not the action. If you get an alcoholic to stop drinking it doesn't mean they don't crave alcohol. If you get someone to stop yelling it doesn't mean they don't struggle with anger. Jesus told the pharisees they were like white washed tombs, pretty on the outside and dead on the inside. Jesus sees our hearts. He knows if we are pure or just carrying out the actions, (that's called religion). We have a Lord that wants us to transfer these passions to Him. Leave them at the cross. Don't we all long for that? For our worldly lusts to be transformed into a deep love for our Creator? We need a heart a transplant, not just a change of action. (Although a change of action is good too).

Please listen to this sermon. It encouraged me greatly to not just DO the right thing but to seek something greater: a pure heart.