Saturday, August 8, 2009

Who's in Charge Around Here?

Sometimes I ask myself: "wait a minute! Who is in charge around here? Me or my kids?!" I am in charge. That is my God given authority and it is my responsibility to live that out!

I am reading a great book called: The Mother at Home. It is all about the important and great role we mothers play. No one else can replace us in our children's lives. If we fail to do our best then we fail dearly. There is grace. There is strength from the Lord. Yes. But don't let that give you reason to slack in your duty. A while back I talked at my friend Erica's baby shower about how our parenting (or lack of) will affect generations to come, not just the present. In a sense we parent thousands to come.

As we guide and raise our sweet children let's keep in mind that we are in charge and it is in everyone's (even those who don't exist yet) best interest that we keep it that way :0)