Thursday, August 20, 2009

More foster care stuff

I read these stats and it made me want to get involved with foster care even more:

Did you know: there are over 800,000 foster children in the US . Annually 20,000 kids age out of foster care nationwide, an increase of 41 percent since 1998. One third of them didn’t have a high school diploma and about 20 percent become homeless. Nearly half of the young women who have been in foster care become pregnant at least once by age 19. The need is great.

The need is definitely great. Reminds me of that verse: the harvest is great but the laborers are few. The need for adoption is huge but those willing to adopt are so few! I read some where that only 2% of people end up ever adopting!

Scott and I would like to adopt children younger then ours. This will be a while but I am praying for and about the children the Lord has in store for us.

So many hurting little ones. Oh Lord, please give us as your people a heart for the orphans!