Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Mothering Inspiration

I wanted to copy and paste a couple inspiring mother quotes. You can find where I got them from here and here.

"IT is wholly impossible to live according to Divine order, and to make a proper application of heavenly principles, as long as the necessary duties which each day brings seem only like a burden grievous to be borne. Not till we are ready to throw our very life's love into the troublesome little things can we be really faithful in that which is least and faithful also in much. Every day that dawns brings something to do, which can never be done as well again. We should, therefore, try to do it ungrudgingly and cheerfully. It is the Lord's own work, which He has given us as surely as He gives us daily bread. We should thank Him for it with all our hearts, as much as for any other gift. It was designed to be our life, our happiness. Instead of shirking it or hurrying over it, we should put our whole heart and soul into it."

-- James Reed, Joy and Strength for the Pilgrim's Day by Mary Wilder Tileston, p. 39

“My Father, give us a sturdiness of mind and heart for the many tasks ahead.

May we speak with the law of kindness on our tongues.

Make us helpers, suitable for our husbands–forgetting our selfish wants, and truly looking to lighten his load.

May we be a crown to him, and not rottenness in his bones.

Give us strength of body to build this house and not tear it down.

Adorn us with the ornament of a meek and quiet spirit.

Make us long suffering toward our husbands and children, not easily provoked and not easily provoking to anger.

Give us energy and vision to “watch over the affairs of our households”, seeing it through Your eyes…a mission field, and a battleground to be won for You.

Help us speak with wisdom.

Help us to be busy with our hands, faithful with our time, and productive in our work.

Give us stamina for the day, helping us see that all the little things are not really little in Your economy.

May we be encouraged in the trenches and know that “greater is He that is in me than he that is in the world”.

When we are tired, give us rest; when we are irritable, give us grace; when we are grumpy give us gratitude; and when we are spent, carry us on from there.

Losing my life to save it…"