Sunday, August 16, 2009

Provoking our children

Provoking our children to anger comes in many ways. Here is a list of 25 that I found here.

1. Lack of marital harmony.

2. Establish and maintaining a child-centered home.

3. Modeling sinful anger.

4. Habitually disciplining while angry.

5. Scolding.

6. Being inconsistent with discipline.

7. Having double standards.

8. Being legalistic.

9. Not admitting your'e wrong and not asking for forgiveness.

10. Constantly finding fault.

11. Parents Reversing God-given roles (ex:wives leading homes).

12. Not listening to your child's opinion or taking his or her 'side of the story' seriously.

13. Comparing them to others

14. Not making time 'just to talk'

15. Not praising or encouraging your child.

16. Failing to keep your promises.

17. Chastening in front of others.

18. Not allowing enough freedom.

19. Allowing too much freedom.

20. Mocking your child.

21. Abusing them physically.

22. Ridiculing or name calling.

23. Unrealistic expectations

24. Practicing Favoritism

25. Child training with worldly methodologies inconsistent with God's Word.