Friday, August 7, 2009

Great List of homeschool "musts"

borrowed this list from Kelly Crawford.

At the top of our list of educational goals are:

  • A love and understanding of Scripture (the fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge.)
  • Teaching them to be self-learners. In my opinion, the government knows full-well how dangerous a society of self-learners can be, and has purposely created a system that convinces the masses they can only receive a real education through the transferring of information from a “professional”; such a concept ensures that people will be taught only what is “safe” for an engineered society. But for centuries, the most intelligent men and women of history were self-taught; the average high school graduate can not even decipher the writings of these historical intellects. I believe John Taylor Gatto when he says the system has purposely “dumbed down” our students. The proof is in the pudding.
  • Teaching them to think. Ask them questions, challenge their reasoning, and press them to give an answer for opinions they express.
  • Giving them a love of reading. Not all children will love to read as much as others; but from the very beginning, one of the most important things a parent can do is to read to their children, read in front of them, and make books an important part of life. Another thing is to read challenging books in their hearing, even if they don’t grasp it all. They need to hear rich language before they understand it, just as they need to hear simple language before they can speak it.
  • Communication skills. The ability to express one’s self is vitally important. Writing well and speaking well are invaluable assets in any choice of career or role in life. These skills usually come more naturally to a prolific reader, and the more parents verbally communicate with their children the better. (Another benefit, in my opinion, of not being dominated by a peer group for most of the day.)
  • Teaching them to be numerate. I’m not as concerned with whether my children pass trigonometry as I am that they are able to understand measurements and basic life-concepts of math. I made a B in college Calculus and still struggle making change at a yard sale ;-)
  • A love of arts. Poetry, music, beauty–whether it be an intricate composition of notes, or the simple, mysterious beauty in the arrangement of wildflowers, we seek to heighten an awareness of the order, creativity and beauty that makes up the very character of the God we serve.