Sunday, April 14, 2013

Godly Mother Part 2

#2) A godly mother looks for ways to bless her family. A worldly mother resents her family.

Resentment is becoming more and more common amongst Christian mothers. Where does resentment come from? Pride…selfishness…a desire to be served and not serve.

Jesus said: “The greatest among you will be your servant.” Matt. 23:11 According to Christ being a servant is the best thing we can do! And we all know that motherhood=servanthood! The world tells us to be annoyed by the fact that we are serving all day long but Jesus says it is the greatest. 

“It’s not fair. Why do I have to do everything? No one serves me or seeks to help me. I'm on call 24/7 to serve everybody but myself all day long!” These are some of the selfish things I have said to myself that just feed resentment and discourage me from having a heart to serve.

But Jesus says those who serve all day are the greatest in His eyes because we are most like Him when we seek to serve. Who are you going to listen to? Listening to the world will only lead to more bitterness and less of a heart to serve. Look for ways to put yourself last. Look for ways to not get credit. Look for ways to serve with JOY. 

Why do I expect my children to serve/help without grumbling or complaining when I don't practice that myself? Grumbling and complaining (even in our thoughts) only leads to resentment! 

God has given us an AMAZING role/job this side of heaven ladies! Let's do it with thankfulness. Thankfulness is like kryptonite to resentment. 

Reasons I am thankful to be a mom:

1. it makes me more like Christ
2. I get to be with fun little people all day!
3. I get to experience a sort of love that is like nothing else
4. being a mom is a great tool in the hand of the Lord to refine me 
5. anything in life that has value is hard work. being a mom is hard work :)
6. it is what God has for me and there is no place better than in His will
7. it is so fulfilling... it is an honor....
8. what other position allows you to give birth to life and than nurture that little life?! amazing! 

What are the first 8 reasons that come to mind for you in regards to being thankful as a mom? Focus on that list and throw your resentment list in the garbage. 

Thank you Lord for these children that you have GIVEN to me to train in Your ways. Thank you for how You use them to make me more like Your Son and for the joy they bring into Scott and I's lives! You are the best Gift Giver. Help us moms to bless our families rather than allowing our flesh to take over and resent them!

My little blessings: