Friday, June 26, 2009

Birth Control/family planning

Eye, yi, yi. TOUCHY subject. I have an opinion. Don't we all? Here is mine.

Scott and I originally planned on letting God plan our family... completely... with no intervention on our part. With 9 months of being sick (throwing up often until the last day of pregnancy) I have wondered if I am to be pregnant so often and especially with little ones running around. It was easier when I was pregnant the first time and I could lay on the couch all day. As of now, we are letting God plan #3. Before deciding this we had contemplated birth control. I had heard that SOME forms of birth controls acted as the morning after pill aborting fertilized eggs. I knew that I wanted to stay far away from that. So I asked my mid wife which ones did that. She looked at me with confusion as if I had asked a stupid question. "None of them do that" was her reply. I felt better. So I decided to get on what they call the "mini pill" because it doesn't interfere with breast milk supply. When I went to pick up my prescription I read the paper work and it said "prevents pregnancy by inhibiting FERTILIZED EGG's attachment to uterine wall" WHAT? that is exactly what I didn't want. I called my midwife and said, "is there any form of birth control (aside from the obvious like condoms and diaphragms) that I can take that won't do this?" The reply was: "No. All forms of birth control do this. With some it is more likely then others (like the mini pill)." I asked, "what's the difference then between birth control and the morning after pill?" She said- "the only difference is that the morning after pill is a much stronger dose of the same hormones." I was disturbed greatly. wait a minute, do my christian sisters know this? We as Christians believe that life begins at conception, right?

One thing I constantly think of is that if I had used birth control Rhea and Ricky wouldn't be here. Wow. My life without Rhea or Ricky? This picture reminds me of why I choose not to use any sort of planning/birth control.

Wanted to clear something up here. You might hear that birth control prevents ovulation. This is true for about 50% of people. There is no way to know if you are in that 50%. I write this because if I were you I would want to know! No one ever told me this before. I felt I needed to write this to have a clear conscience. Below is an article with much more detail on the subject. I highly recommend you read it.