Thursday, January 22, 2015

Talking to Myself 40 Years From Now

Life goes fast. Children grow up fast. That's what everyone says... And yet days can go by so slow and I can take this time for granted...

Sometimes you'll hear people talk about going back and talking to their younger self and what they would say and how they would instruct them... Sometimes I picture my older self talking to me now... What would I say? How would I instruct me? I'm guessing it would look something like this:

"Put your phone down."

"Close your computer."

"Go outside with the kids."

"Enjoy your children! Play with them more. Hug them more. Read to them more."

"Turn around and look Johnny in the eyes when he is talking to you."

"Hold Chloe close. She will only be this small for a few months of her life."

"Be understanding with Ricky. He's sensitive and needs you to be gentle."

"Watch Charis. Take mental pictures of her at this age. She is so cute and fun and will never be two again!"

"Encourage Rhea. Play another UNO game with her. I know you hate that game but she loves it and it means a lot to her."

"Sigh less and sing more."

"Help your husband. You are first called to be his helper. Don't ever treat him as an inconvenience. Helping him is your main calling."

"Don't nit pick but be picky about your battles with your husband. Make being married to you an enjoyable experience."

"Bite your tongue."

"Speak kindly."

"Remember, you set the tone for the home. Choose joy. Choose love. Deny yourself. Your children will look back and remember you as a joyful mama rather than a bitter, grumpy one."

"It's not that big of a deal." (whatever I'm making a big deal out of usually isn't).

"Exalt Christ in your day to day life. Don't look for 'big spiritual opportunities' to shine for Him. It is in the everyday that He is glorified the most."

"Show your children what it means to love God. Read His Word more and people's words less."

"Smile more."

"Pray more."

"Love more."

Father, help me to take my own advice. Help me to fully embrace and enjoy this season I am in RIGHT NOW. Help me to not take all of this for granted.

How about you? What do you think your future self would say to your current self?