Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Can Your Husband Trust You In These Areas?

With money:
Our husbands should be able to trust us with our

spending habits. We should be looking for ways to save and bless our homes financially. A frugal wife is a good wife. Does your husband have to wonder if you are buying things behind his back? Can he trust that you will always do your best to save when going to the store or mall?

With his reputation: How do you speak about your husband when he is not around? Can he trust that you will always do your best to speak only of his strengths and not of his weaknesses? The one exception for this is of course biblical counseling where you can share, still with respect, your husband's weaknesses/areas to improve in. Another way for him to trust you with his reputation is to remember that you represent him. You took his last name and in doing so your actions are attached to him. Two become one flesh. When in public keep in mind that his reputation is following you. Represent him well.

With your children: Can your husband trust that you are teaching your children in the ways of the Lord? If you home school your children, can he trust that you are being diligent in their educations? Does he trust that they will be more like Christ because they are with you? Mothers predominantly spend more time with their children than the fathers do and because of this your husband needs to be able to trust you with them. His heart should be able to rest when he goes to work in the morning knowing that they are in good hands.

With your time: This is a biggie. Can your husband trust that you will make the best of your time while he is away? Do you look for ways to bless him? Do you seek to keep the home in a fashion that is pleasing to him so that when he returns from work he is encouraged? Can he trust that you will not be selfish with your hours and spend them wisely or does he have to wonder if you will watch hours of television, talk on the phone endlessly or surf facebook all day? Can your husband trust you with how you invest your time?

With your thoughts: What do you think about? This is something your husband cannot see. This is something he has to fully trust you in. Do you purpose to think well of him? Do you pray for him, or do you constantly push rewind on all the things he does wrong? Does your mind wander to other men that would make better husbands or "the guy" you should have married? Don't go there ladies. All things start in the mind. Take your thoughts captive to Christ and make sure your husband can trust you with your thought life.

With his preferences: As wives we are called to submit to our husband. We are called to adapt to them. Can your husband trust that you are committed to this? Can he trust that you are making his preferences your preferences or do you make him feel stupid because he wants the shoes all put away or because he likes a certain area in the living room to be clutter free or because he wants the carport kept tidy? Don't make your husband feel like an inconvenience. Adapt to him. Make him feel like he can trust that while he is away at work you are doing your best to make his preferences your priorities.

With his heart: Can your husband trust you with his heart? Many men are afraid to truly share how they are feeling with their wives because they know it will turn into a fight or lecture. Can your husband trust you with his deepest thoughts? Can he feel safe when sharing with you how he truly feels or does he never venture there because you are more like his mother than his spouse? We should all be best friends with our spouses and one of the most important ways to be more of a friend to our husbands is to make them feel like they can trust us with their hearts.

"The heart of her husband trusts in her..." Proverbs 31:11