Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Why Back To The Future Made Me Want More Kids

Who remembers the scene in Back to the Future when Marty McFly's siblings started disappearing out of a photo? (I couldn't find the actual scene but I did find someone showing the photo) I didn't realize when I first watched it as a kid what impact that scene would have on me as a grown adult/mommy.

After three very difficult, sick pregnancies Scott and I decided (mostly after me nagging him to death) that it would be best for us to stop having children and look into adoption instead. So a few short months after our third baby was born Scott had a vasectomy. 

A few months after the surgery this scene from Back to the Future popped into my mind... oh how I tried to forget it... but I couldn't... I just kept thinking of the children that were being erased out of our family photo because of our decision. 

Here's the good news: 
By God’s grace this decision was ‘reversible’ for us. Sadly for others, that hasn’t been the case. So after much prayer and support from our wonderful churchScott went ahead and had a reversal! 

About 5 months later I found out we were pregnant again!!! We were both so joy-filled and yet I was also so scared. My pregnancies were terrible, even landing me in the hospital because of dehydration from constant puking. I was resolved though to trust God and research more on how to combat hyperemesis. 

I have had much success improving my pregnancies!!! We are now in the middle of my third reversal pregnancy. I can't believe we almost missed out on having our sweet Carebear (Charis), Chloebug (Chloe) and now little Noah. We almost missed out on three wonderful gifts and hopefully more to come!

Last night we received some wonderful family photos that we had taken about a week ago and I couldn't help but think back to that scene again in Back to the Future. Praise God Scott and I have our arms full (and my womb full) in this picture.


  1. I didn't know you were a reversal family - neat!! That's just awesome. I know several others locally. I completely agree with this! My only regret in life is the time when we were practicing birth control early in our marriage - we can't get back the sweet children who would have graced our home had we been receptive to God's blessings. And the modern church is NOT teaching the truths of God with regard to life ethics - though I know that your church is thankfully an exception. :)

  2. My husband had a vasectomy reversal April 7th 2016, and we are currently trying to have a 3rd baby. We were 16,19 when we got married and after baby #2 we thought material possessions were more important then children. Fast forward to now 25,28 we are hoping God extends his grace and blesses us with babys.

    1. How wonderful! I pray your womb is full again soon :)