Tuesday, January 12, 2016

I Get My Groceries Delivered AND Save Money!

I love Safeway. I like their quality. I like their options. I just don't like their prices. But here's the good news! I have figured out how to shop at Safeway, get my groceries delivered for free, get a dollar off a gallon at the gas station AND save 25-45% off my grocery bill EVERY time!

Here's how I do it.

1) Go to http://www.safeway.com/.

2) Sign up for: Just For U and for grocery delivery (you will have to sign up for both separately).

3) Go to Just For U and "clip" coupons. It doesn't get much easier than this! You just push the button "add" and it's put on to your account! Easiest couponing ever! ALWAYS look for a 20 cent gas reward coupon. This means for every $100 you spend you will get 20 cents off a gallon. (sometimes even more!) I also just saved $10 off on frozen pizzas with my just for u coupons!

4) Go to your grocery delivery account.

5) Look for the promo codes that you need. Obviously you will want the one for FREE DELIVERY. This will mean that you have to purchase at least $150 worth of groceries (which is easy for me because I shop about every 1-2 weeks) and purchase 5 items from a list. I only buy 5 items that are on sale. Look for other promo codes that apply to your shopping list. For example, I had cereal on my list. I found a promo code that said: Save $3 when you purchase three of these cereals. I looked through the list to find ones that were already on sale. That means I got three bags of cereal already on sale and then an additional dollar off each one with that promo code. All with the push of a button from my comfy chair in the living room! :)

6) Always be sure to check out the buy one get one free sales. You can't beat that.

7) Next click "online savings" and click on "club card specials". Go through your list and only buy what is on the card savings. Always check what items are per ounce to make sure you are getting the best deal. My shopping list sometimes evolves as I shop online to get the best deals. Sometimes I don't get something on my list if it's not on sale.

8) Go to checkout after you have gone through your list and accrued at least $150 worth of groceries and enter your promo codes. Then pick a delivery time. (they have only been late for me once!)

It's like a mama of five littles dream come true!! Someone does the shopping in the store for me, loads it up in the truck, brings it to my door at a time when I am ready for it! Doesn't get any better than that :)

I know some of you out there are like: "I save way more money going here, there and everywhere." It's just not worth the few dollars I might save to drive all over the place wasting more gas and time. Time is a PRICELESS thing for me right now as I am pregnant, homeschooling and keeping a home.

So whatcha think? Gonna try it out?!