Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Top Five Ways to Have a Bad Day

1. Think about yourself all day. From the moment you wake up until you go to bed look out for "number 1". Think about how you are feeling at every moment and focus on that. Definitely don't think about others and their needs and wants. Make yourself the focal point of your day and you are bound for a bad day!

2. Be consumed by your circumstances. Since circumstances are going to be unpredictable and up and down you too can be up and down as long as you ride along with your circumstances. Let your surroundings and happenings determine how you will feel. Don't look to the God who never changes.

3. Worry about all the "what ifs". Meditate on all the terrible things that COULD happen today, tomorrow or in the years to come. Don't meditate on God's truths. Don't keep an eternal perspective. Look at things as if you were a non-Christian and consistently try to take things into your own hands. Whatever you do, DON'T TRUST GOD. 

4. Don't read your bible. In fact, just look at facebook all day and get mad at everyone's statuses. Watch the television and fill your mind with worldly programs. Listen to worldly music. Get the least amount of God into your thought life as possible. The less you read His Word the more miserable you will be. Stay away from it!

5. Let everything annoy you and complain as much as possible. Being annoyed and irritable with everyone and everything is going to send you into a quick downward spiral. So if you are looking to have a bad day make sure you have no patience for anything. Lose your temper consistently and continue to pretend that the world revolves around you and how you want it to run. Make sure to complain out loud regularly about how annoying everything is so that those around you can have a bad day too.

p.s. if you are looking to have a good day and one that honors God do the opposite of one through five.