Sunday, August 10, 2014

My Relationship With the Computer Part 2

A few weeks ago I wrote THIS POST on my relationship with my computer. This is Part 2.

I was rather convicted by all the time I had spent at my computer while my children were living life around me. I took a break from facebook for about a month to see if it would help me spend more time with my kiddos and have a better kept home. It did both of those things. 

However, I am discovering that the internet itself is my only hobby. I really don't "do" any other extra curricular things... I don't sew, I don't do crafts, I don't even read (aside from the bible of course), I don't watch tv or movies and so the internet is my hobby. I love to read Christian women blogs and be encouraged and I love to encourage others on facebook... but it's important that these things don't happen at the expense of my family....

So, I am reevaluating and praying about my "boundaries" with the computer... and my smartphone. These things can supplement our lives and be of benefit but they can also be of great detriment when they get more attention than the ones we love.

Let me tell you a little something about me. I am extreme. And most of the time I hate it. It's annoying. Sometimes I am thankful for it because in many ways Christ Himself was extreme and so were many of the prophets. But for the most part it drives me crazy (and those around me too). The extreme part of me wants to say: "no facebook or computer or phone when kids are awake." The other side says: "can't you do these things in balance?" I am praying the Lord would refine this area in my life so that it brings Him glory in some way; even when it comes to my computer. I want to honor Him in all ways. The big, the small, the lived out loud and the lived within. May He be glorified with our hobbies, our families, our homes, our interests, our conversations, our hearts and yes, even our relationship with our computers.