Saturday, September 12, 2009

More adoption stats...

Planned Parenthood preformed 250,000 abortions in 2004 and made a profit of $35 million. (Family News in Focus, 12/22/04)

"What we know from research is that the longer a child stays in foster care the worse the child's outcomes." (US Health and Human Services Undersecretary Wade Horn, Focus on the Family web site, May 20, 2004.)

Each year November is designated National Adoption Month by the President of the United States. This was first declared in 1990. (US Census Bureau web site.)

21,616 immigrant visas were issued to orphans coming to the United States for adoption in 2003, up from 7,377 a decade earlier. (US Census Bureau web site.)

1.7 million households contain adopted children. These households comprise 4 percent of all households in which children reside. (US Census Bureau web site.)

Average age of parents with adopted children is 43 or about 5 years older than the average age of parents with biological children. (US Census Bureau web site.)

Median income of adoptive parents is approximately $5,000 more than the median income of biological parents. (US Census Bureau web site.)

There are over 40 references to orphans in the Old Testament found in 12 of the Old Testament books!

China released 6,859 children for adoption to the United States in 2003 (US Dept. of State web site).There are approximately 8,000,000 children in orphanages in China.

"About four in ten Americans have considered adopting a child at one time in their lives. This equates to about 81.5 million adults. Considering there are 134,000 children in foster care awaiting families, these children would all have a home today is just 0.2% (1 in 500) of these adults actually pursued and completed the adoption process." (National Adoption Attitudes Survey, June 2002).

78% of Americans think the country should be doing more to encourage adoption. (National Adoption Attitudes Survey, June 2002).

Americans have a very positive opinion about adoptive parents. They are seen as lucky by 94% of Americans. (National Adoption Attitudes Survey, June 2002)