Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Angry Mom

I never thought of myself as an angry person. Parenting has revealed that I am. I hate myself when I let anger get the best of me. I want to be that mom that carrys on with a joyful heart and is not overwhelmed by her surroundings. But lo and behold, Rhea is defiant, Ricky is crying, the house is a mess and I feel like all the sudden I am going to "lose it". The Lord is really working with me in this area.

Anger is sin and sin destroys. I know that the family unit is of utmost importance and I don't want to stand by and let my anger tear it down. James says that the wrath of man does not produce the righteousness of God. I want God's righteousness to reign in our home and I know that that will only happen if my sinful ways dissipate.

I read an article today (link given below) and was encouraged to know that I am not alone. I also ordered the book through our library that it mentions. If you struggle with frustration toward your children know that you are not alone and know that God wants things to be different. He wants our homes to be filled with His peace and love. This is only possible as we seek Him moment to moment.

Click here for article.